Student testimonials

Beyond the obstacles and the many difficulties that Palestinian students face, they are driven by an incredible strength of spirit, a will to act for themselves but also for their country, as well as an exemplary optimism. The testimonies below show the state of mind of these young people, which we can only admire. 

Students from Al Quds

"I want to create an advanced control system for fast performance in drug production. What would set my system apart would be the ease of adding things to it or the ease of making changes."

"I wish to improve the Palestinian's view of engineering to improve their lives. "

"I want to try to help students find the materials they need for their courses in engineering school; these materials are not always easy to find, especially since they are very busy."

"I wish to improve the general state of schools and organisations."

"I want to improve the conditions in today's society: by improving transport so that children can get to their schools faster. I have encountered these same difficulties, with my siblings, I have to walk five kilometres every day to be able to go to school, summer and winter."

"I am studying English and my goal is to teach the new generation, this job would allow me to play a role as a woman in Palestinian society. To have this job is to make my parents proud and give them everything they deserve."

"I wish to have a fairly important social and academic position. I wish to work as a nurse and when I have enough money to invest in my own project, I will have a medical centre for the elderly."

"I dream of being a civil engineer, to progress you need to build and for this you need people who think and plan. Once I finish my studies, I will start my own project, I will not wait for an opportunity, I will create it."

Students from AAUP

"I want to find a place in society to help my people through my work."

"I would like to specialise as an anaesthetist, but the studies are expensive. I also plan to find technical solutions for lower back pain and long-term solutions for haemophilia."

"I want to become a director in an organisation specialising in functional treatment to help people with disabilities."

"I wish to become a teacher in a school or a translator in a company."

Students from PMRS

"I am concerned about preventive measures to protect oneself from diseases, especially chronic diseases which can be partly hereditary. I want to help people avoid getting sick and prevent complications when they do get sick."

"I think it is important that there is someone in every house who has knowledge of medical care, given the violence committed by the occupation forces. In this context of violence, it is necessary to have knowledge about medical care and moral support."

Student from Al Kamandjâti

"I wish to pursue academic studies in the field of music, to be a musician who writes his own compositions. I want to pass on my experience of music to children and spread Palestinian music around the world."