Our project

One observation : an impressive will among Palestinian youth !

In Palestine, the education suffers greatly from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. However, this does not prevent young people from having the goal to achieve a better future for themselves and their region.

One objective : to support this will !

Hope considers that the success of these students will improve the situation in Palestine. The granting of student scholarships is therefore a way for Hope to act peacefully in this conflict.

It is important to underline that Hope's vocation is not to make political demands. But to support the young people who feel the effects of the conflict  daily. 

Our values and principles

  • A peaceful approach and the rejection of fundamentalism and extremism.
  • Support for students in financial difficulties until the end of their studies, as long as they pass their exams with a minimum of 75%.
  • Individual and regular contact with each student during their studies and if possible afterwards.
  • The principle of non-discrimination regardless of gender, religion or region of origin.
  • Ensuring that the poorest people and young women have access to education.
  • Transparency, co-responsibility and respectful relationship between partners.