Why get involved ?

Encouraging students to stick with their studies and encouraging them to access education through financial support is a key issue for general support to Palestine. 

Why ?

The Palestinian economy and the standard of living of Palestinian families are strongly affected by the practices of the Israeli forces such as curfew, closure, checkpoints, segregation wall, distortion of Palestinian infrastructure, etc. All these practices contribute strongly to increase poverty rates among Palestinians. A life punctuated by such constraints hinders Palestine's dynamism and ability to develop, yet every day Palestinians reinvent themselves in their ways of teaching, of living, in order to go beyond their status of victim to be actors of their society.

Students affected by the socio-economic situation in their country are experiencing very bad situations which are reflected in their inability to meet their daily and academic needs. Indeed, many students go into debt to study. Graduates who are in arrears cannot receive their certificates and therefore cannot apply for jobs.

That's why we need you ! If you want to contribute to the cause, a donation is welcome !